Tales From The Scale 1

Today’s Tales from the Scale was inspired by the phenomenon of attention after losing a lot of weight. Depending on your social network of friends and relatives, people may react to your weight loss differently. Some may be overly excited and happy, others might be jealous, and others might remain totally oblivious. Then there are the people who won’t recognize you at all! After losing or gaining a lot of weight, we might feel as if we look the same (or close enough), but other see us quite differently. Whether that is a good or bad thing is all relative, but people will start to notice a change as you drop the pounds. They might not even know what has changed! Have you experienced “looking different,” after losing or gaining weight? How have people commented on your weight loss/gain?

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No fad diets. No weigh loss pills. No embarrassing meetings. No punishing exercises. 

This is an invitation… Come and see. I’ll be sharing my experience losing 70+ pounds, things I’ve learned, struggles I’ve overcame, my badly drawn comics (Tales from the Scale), and doing my best to provide priceless weight loss guidance along the way. I say “fuck" sometimes, just FYI.

Once or twice a week, you get an update with highlights, a comic or two, insights, and excerpts.

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