Half Price Candy Day!

They say the day after Valentine’s Day is the real holiday; discounted chocolate all over the place! Heart-shaped boxes full of the delicious brown stuff, just ripe for the taking. But if you’re trying to lose weight, this kind of candy smorgasbord can be scary as hell! We need some strategies so we don’t inadvertently undermine our long term weight loss goals!

For my Valentine’s Day, I spent the evening with my sister and my niece, who is almost three years old. I painted her toenails, pink and purple of course. (I swear that girl will sit still longer for a mani-pedi than anything else!) Her mom, my sis, got a big heart shaped box of chocolates caramels for us to share to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, since my niece is so young, we had to try to explain what we were celebrating. “So, um, what are we celebrating, exactly?” I settled on, “this is a holiday to celebrate the people we love!” But, “yes, little one, this is another candy-holiday.” Damn, we seem to have a lot of these!

With a toddler who would eat only candy all day, every day, if given half a chance, it’s important to model good food behavior, so we each had one chocolate caramel and stopped. If the little one wasn’t allowed to have more candy, neither was I. This is one strategy for mitigating impending chocolate binges; think to yourself, “would I feed this much candy to a toddler???” Ima tell you right now, the answer is always going to be, “Hell No! Are you crazy??? Toddlers on a sugar rush sounds like hell!” And you’ll be right. Take care of yourself like you would a small child. You’ll treat yourself better instantly and it will help you stick to your food goals.

Unfortunately Valentine’s Day is not the only candy holiday. We just barely recovered from the Christmas candy, and there was Halloween candy before that. Next up for candy-holidays will be St Patrick’s Day and Easter. All of these holidays have subsequent discounted candy days.

Now, let’s be honest, candy is great. It tastes good, is sweet, and it’s something with share with others as a way to demonstrate we care. But why do we have to have so many holidays centered around candy? Is the chocolate without little hearts and roses not good enough for us to enjoy on other times of the year? Take a moment and just think about it. Inside the wrapper, the candy is exactly the same as what is available year-round.

Candy doesn’t have to be a special occasion food with a holiday theme in order to enjoy it. If you want to have a piece of chocolate every single day because it makes you happy and helps you to not feel deprived, then you should do it! Notice, I said ONE piece. If you use all of your daily calories on chocolate, you’re going to just feel shitty, FYI. So don’t do that. Seriously. Seriously!

Another candy-holiday strategy is to have one or two pieces of your favorite candy, and stop there, knowing that you can have candy any time of the year if you choose to! Giving yourself the choice to have candy or not is powerful, because it puts the control back in your hands instead of being at the mercy of whatever kind of candy is in your immediate environment. The power of choice; it’s for real. If you want something, have it. The world is not going to run out of candy. Try to remember that. I know it’s hard, but you can do it!

So what was your strategy in navigating the candy situation on Valentine’s Day (or other candy-holidays) and the day(s) after? Did you go overboard on discounted chocolate and regret it? Like, Comment, Share! 🙂


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