About HWLC

Weight loss advice is ubiquitous on the interwebz, so why listen to me? Well, here’s my story:


I’m a fairly typical child of the 80’s, who grew up in California during the rise of the obesity epidemic and the medicalization of weight. I spent my childhood overweight and then obese, and had never experienced a normal weight, not even once in my entire life. I can’t remember a time in my childhood that I wasn’t the biggest girl in my class, and I never felt normal; I was different… fat. At age 24, I clocked in at 255 pounds on my 5’6″ frame; morbidly obese. Like so many of us who have struggled with our weight, I felt like I didn’t eat enough to deserve to be so heavy. I felt hopeless, resigned to be enormous forever; that I just “wasn’t meant to be thin” or healthy. I didn’t pork out on potato chips and soda all day, and I tried to exercise when I could. I tried all the diets known to man… But nothing seemed to work to help me shed the pounds. I was unhappy in my life, in more areas than just my weight. After ending a 4+ year relationship, and moving back in with my parents (humble pie ftw), I started to notice my eating habits change and I lost a few pounds without even trying. This is sometimes a normal reaction to significant life changes and routine disruptions, however it motivated me to try again to lose some weight. I let myself believe that it was possible, and so I ate a bit less and lost some more pounds. I was still obese, but I felt better. I could squat down and stand back out without bracing myself on furniture after just ten pounds! I ended up losing around 30-40 pounds over the next 2-3 years, and leveled out at around 220 lbs for a while as I graduated from college (finally) and started a career as a high school science teacher in Texas. I lost the drive to lose weight intentionally, though I tried several fad diets in the intervening years. Low carb, mediterranean, very low calorie (VLCD), for like a day or two, then gave up because they weren’t sustainable.

in 2016 when I decided to go back to grad school to pursue a Masters in Sociology at Columbia University in New York City, my thought processes changed, and I started a sustainable, fulfilling, and successful weight loss program that has helped me drop out of the Obese BMI range for the very first time in my adult life. EVER! I’m over 70 pounds down from my highest weight, and what I am doing is sustainable, healthy, and easy! For the first time in my life, I believe I can get my weight down to a normal BMI and I’ll be able to know what I feels like to be “light on my feet.” It’s very exciting! (Want to know what I’m doing to promote weight loss and health because you want to do it too? Stay tuned to future posts and I’ll help you as best as I can.)

After following my weight loss plan for about 5 months and dropping a good amount of weight in a very healthy way, my mother decided to try it too. She lives in California, and I’m in NY, so I have coached her in the process of the mindset and actions necessary to be successful, and helped her ignore the extraneous weight loss rhetoric. Weight loss mumbo-jumbo permeates the depths of our culture. Over the phone, we’ve talked through the discouragement and successes and she, too, is finding success with her weight after a lifetime of struggle. She said she couldn’t do it without my experiences and wisdom guiding her. Yea, I’ll take that compliment with a grain of salt, but I have so many tips and tricks to share that will help you reach your weight loss goals. Every roadblock in the weight loss journey is surmountable, and with a little social help, we can all find success. This blog will be an “adventure guide” to weight loss! If I can do it, you can too! We’ll do it together!

No fad diets. No weigh loss pills. No embarrassing meetings. No punishing exercises. 

This is an invitation… Come and see. I’ll be sharing my experience losing 70+ pounds, things I’ve learned, struggles I’ve overcame, my badly drawn comics (Tales from the Scale), and doing my best to provide priceless weight loss guidance along the way. I say “fuck" sometimes, just FYI.

Once or twice a week, you get an update with highlights, a comic or two, insights, and excerpts.

Go ahead and make it official. 

Welcome to the club!